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Red Lion’s Industrial RTU; Overview on Products Types and Other Beneficial Information

By the time during this era, the networking technologies are going on several of human life. From the small parts which need only a few of the technologies, to the wide and vary of scalable ideas on the industries. All of them are need to be back upped with the networking technologies.

Also the automation solution where so many fields are developed since the time it was offered to the public. And now are the important era of the automation solution technologies, where people especially the industrial people are looking for best ideas of how to build their manufacturing plants with better networking automation solution in case of networking and device communication matters.

Than that’s why, the Industrial RTU or Remote Terminal Unit are become important device and or component in whole of those process.

Due to the fact, there are so many manufacture are create and offered best and suitable design of the product to belong with what industries wanting for. And here in this article we would go further more with several of the Red Lion’s one of former named on Industrial Automation solution providers. Just check more through this article on what Red Lion’s brought with they Industrial controllers and RTU’s products.

Industrial RTU
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IPm Red Lion’s Industrial RTU’s: What Users Need Beyond This Product Family

Knowing about kind of great product is good manner. It can be solve any of problems that need to goes up. Especially for the industrial people where so many products are need to be better and common process and activities. Red Lion’s are come up to provide the industries itself by offered several product around the Sixnet® product family.

This product are made up with vary of line of the product such as; IPm2m®, mIPm, IPm® also uIPm as the series of the industrial RTU. It was also come by rich of functionalities combination, which can be used for such of this automation applications including custom programming, communications gateway also the datalogging.

On the fields, this device is commonly combined with non proprietary standards industrial with the Linux open source Operating Systems. Those combinations build as single visions of scalable RTU which can also take the place of many pieces disparate of hardware.

On the aspect of scalability this device family is prepared and design to goes up with around up to 16,000 Sixnet address nodes or around 247 Modbus/Controller. It also ready with vary of communication ports includes RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet and Modbus Supporting, TCP Modbus, SNMP, IEC60870-5, SIxnet UDR protocols also DNP3. It was prepared with the best and suitable and flexible ideas of any connectivity users want to operate with.

Those great scalability and connectivity ideas are designed to gain the environmental aspect of operating process. And Red Lion’s industrials RTU are ready to operate in the most demanding environments. It just prepared to supporting the temperatures of operational on around -40° to 70° C. It also had outgoing with several safety standard such as; Division 2 listing, UL Class I, CE and ABS Marine rates, also CSA. The Red Lions Industrial RTU product also can be mounted close to the equipment controller without any issue.


Red Lion’s Industrial RTU is the best ideas for the industries which try to gain a best networking on the outgoing of automation solution aspect. It can handle many of abilities which had to be a requiring solution device for the industries around the automation solution networking plant.

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